Alameda Police Train Near Marina Village


On Tuesday, April 12, about a dozen members of the Alameda Police Department’s patrol units participated in a special training exercise on and around the Wind River campus.

According to Lt. Bill Scott, members of the APD engage in such training exercises each month. The most recent training, he said, focused on building searches.

In March, members of APD conducted a training exercise focused on safe schools. “We would hate to have anything like this happen in Alameda. But we do have to keep ahead of the curve,” Lt. Scott said.

The training exercises in the Marina Village area, he explained, were conducted — like other training work — without loaded weapons. Still, Lt. Scott added, it’s best for residents to keep a distance when such activities take place.

“We are lucky that Wind River allowed us to train in their facilities and took advantage of this arrangement,” he explained.

Janet Levaux