Tam to Get Reimbursed; Animal Shelter May Be Saved, Managed by Alameda Group

After the Island’s weekly papers came out Friday, two news stories surfaced late June 17 on matters that have generated much interest and controversy in town.

First, there’s news that City Councilwoman Lena Tam is to be fully compensated for the $44,000 she spent defending herself against charges that she leaked confidential information to former Alameda Point developer SunCal, the local firefighters union and local bloggers and a reporter.

The City Council agreed to take this step on May 19. But the city said it would pay for Tam’s legal bills only yesterday in a news release, which came a week after Tam signed a release absolving the city of any further liability, the Bay Area News Group/Alameda Journal reported.

In another matter, the Alameda Animal Shelter may be saved, at least temporarily, after an eleventh-hour deal between the city and two animal advocate groups was reached yesterday, according to a separate Bay Area New Group/Alameda Journal report.

The city, Friends of the Alameda Animal Shelter and the Humane Society of Alameda reportedly signed a contract yesterday afternoon that could lead to the development of a non-profit organization run by Friends and the Humane Society to operate the shelter and keep its services in Alameda.

The City Council is expected to discuss shelter-related options on Tuesday, June 21. The shelter has five full-time staffers and also pays for the partial salaries of two police department supervisors, according to yesterday’s news report.

Janet Levaux