Community Leader Shares Support for Gay Marriage

Susan Timney, tapped as the Exalted Ruler of the Alameda Elks Lodge #1015 earlier this year, has been openly gay for some time. Timney was recently featured in an online Bay Area News Group piece, just days before the recent annual Gay Pride celebrations in San Francisco,

She married Lynda Kretlow in August 2008 in San Francsico and says “Of course I would love to see Californians be in favor of gay marriage” — like their New York counterparts. (New York affirmed the rights of gays to marry on June 26.)

“I really believe that any two human beings, of legal age,who mutually agree on their love in our country should not be constricted from matrimony because they are the same sex,” Timney explained. “I am very happy for the people in New York.”

“I hope the ceremonies and traditions like the one [Lynda and I] experienced can happen for everyone,” she concluded.

The now active member of the Alameda community — who grew up on the Island — returned to live on the Island (from San Francisco) in 2005, two years after joining the local Elks group.

Janet Levaux