Encinal Class of ’81 Reunion Update

Organizer Ed Song says the first day of the Encinal High School Class of 1981 30th reunion (being held August 12 and 13) surpassed his expectations.

“Have you ever been in a situation where you met someone that you haven’t seen in 30 years? Now times that by close to 100 people! It was so amazing to see everyone!” Song wrote. “You could just feel the electricity in the air.”

Song says he would like to “throw a special shout out to Tim at McGee’s who was so kind to let us have our ‘meet and greet’ event there.”

“We also had members from the Encinal Alumni Association join us, and I’m happy to report that a lot of our classmate are now part of this worthy cause,” he added.

Members of the Class of 1981 are set to meet at Encinal High for the class tour at 11 a.m. today to walk down memory lane.

Tonight, the class celebrates a dinner/dance on board a Hornblower Bay cruise. Sounds like it will be another fun time for everyone.

Janet Levaux

  • Anne Pimental

    So far I feel the Reunion Committee has done a fantastic job of setting up some really awesome events for us. Who thinks of bringing water and cookies for everyone to enjoy after our school tour. The tour was fun and informative about what is taking place at the school a d the improvements going on. Seeing the teachers was great! We all had our favorites. It was great that the teachers recognized us and remembered our names without us having to even introduce ourselves. They still looked the same as well.

    McGee’s was great and a nice way to start the weekend. Cameras were flashing everywhere; whether it was a phone or digital. Friendships of long ago were rekindled.

    Tonite is the dinner cruise, which will be filled with lots of surprises for everyone. I understand that last minute people have purchased the that few spots available. Dancing, laughter and conversation will abound. The fun doesn’t stop when the boat docks. We will continue the evening at Pasta Pelican.

    Our weekend concludes with a BBQ at Crab Cove. I can’t wait and am filled with excitement.