New Pet Shop Not Just for Cats & Dogs

Business owner Cynthia Schorle and her daughter Madison Leonesio, a junior at Encinal High School, have tended to a wide variety of pets over the years and have done their homework on caring for many a fine feathered and furry friend.

“We’ve owned and raised dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, birds, ducks, turtles, frogs and fish, said Schorle, who has lived on the Island for about 20 years. “After spending so much time doing research on animals, we thought this was an idea to pursue, so we sat down 18 months ago and did a business plan.”

They opened Alameda See Spot Run a few months ago at 2510 Santa Clara Avenue off Park Street.

The pet store sells dog and cat foods that don’t contain corn, wheat or soy, she says, as part of its inventory of about 1,500 items. The shop is open from Tuesday through Sunday and delivers. It includes a section of supplies for backyard chicken-raising. Puppy training classes are offered in the store on Sunday mornings.

On a recent Sunday afternoon, Schorle tended to two rescued baby birds with food and a heat lamp. She says she learned about animal care from her father Jon Schorle, who lives in Sacramento but works in the store several days a week. “We had our own version of a zoo in our house when I was growing up,” the business owner said.

Alameda residents Alex Forbes and Julie Dana stopped in recently to get food and other supplies for their pet rabbit. “We’re excited that the store has so much for us,” said Forbes. “Some things are really hard to find.”

The Schorles say foot traffic has been good. “People are so energetic in coming in and supporting us,” said Cynthia. “It’s great to be well received.”

Janet Levaux