Talk on Economy Set for Saturday Night

Alameda Public Affairs Forum will present a talk on the U.S. political economy by Jack Rasmus, Ph.D., at 7 p.m., Saturday, October 8, at the Alameda Free Library.

Rasmus, who teaches at St. Mary’s College and Santa Clara University and has written several books on the U.S. economy, will speak on “Obama’s latest jobs program, the emerging double-dip recession and the global economy on the brink,” event organizers say.

“When President Obama took office in 2009, there were 27 million jobless Americans. After more than a trillion dollars in tax cuts, another trillion dollars in spending and more than eight trillion dollars given to the banks, there are still more than 25 million people jobless,” he explains. “Obama‚Äôs latest proposal for creating jobs is a repeat of the programs of the prior years that failed to create jobs. The weakening US economy is part of a broader global economic slowdown that is approaching new worldwide depression.”

His talk is being hosted by the Alameda Public Affairs Forum, and the group invites members of the community to hear Rasmus “provide the deep intellectual and political analysis necessary to understanding what is happening and we can do about it.”

Janet Levaux