Alameda Charter-School Fair Slated

Alameda charter schools will host an information session starting at 7 p.m. on Thursday, January 5, at the NEA Community Learning Center, 500 Pacific Ave.

Event organizers hope that residents will turn out to get more information on these public schools, which about 11% of Alameda’s children now attend, they say. (Admission to the schools is managed by a random-lottery system).

The schools include: Alameda Community Learning Center for grades 6-12 on the Encinal High School campus, 210 Central Ave.; NEA Community Learning Center for grades K-12; the Academy of Alameda Middle School for grades 6-8 at 401 Pacific Ave.; and the Bay Area School of Enterprise for grades 9-12 at 1900 Third Street, which is run by Alternatives in Action.

Alameda’s first charter school began serving students 11 years ago; these campuses are organized to help students learn in non-traditional classroom environments.

Janet Levaux