CHP Watching Alameda Drivers

As road work continues on the I-880, California Highway Patrol has stationed officers on or near the entrance ramp to the I-880 North to watch traffic coming from the Island and other nearby areas.

On 8 a.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 17, a patrolman monitored the flow of traffic in the carpool and regular entrance lanes to the I-880 North from 23rd Avenue in Oakland (across the Park Street Bridge). The officer, who was located on the left-hand (or West) side of the carpool lane, appeared to be checking to see if there were two or more persons in each car that was using the carpool lane.

Yesterday, Wednesday, Jan. 18, a patrolman was on the opposite (right-hand or East) side of the I-880 North entrance, checking to see if drivers were respecting the traffic signal and carpool rule.

The sting operation could continue for a while, due to construction on the I-880, so watch out.

Janet Levaux