A New Sign, Sharks by the Bay

A few years ago, a kind Buddha statue sat near the the eastern end of Shoreline, on the corner where the sidewalk on Shoreline ends and the dirt path along the San Leandro Channel begins.

It was decorated daily with wreaths and other ornaments. Visitors also would leave fruit and other treats as community “offerings” to the Buddha. But one day, it disappeared.

Now, a friendly sign with lots of different greetings can be seen on the corner. Slogans like “relax” and “enjoy” are posted prominently, as our smiley faces and other decorations.

Nearby, between Shoreline and the Bay Farm Island Bridge, there’s a less friendly “display.”

On Sunday afternoon, June 17, there were at least six dead small baby or tiger sharks along the waterfront (near Bayview) on the western side of the channel.

With the fine weather we’ve been having, there have been plenty of fishermen and others out around the Bay and in the San Leandro Channel.

It’s hard to say if the dead sharks were caught and then let go, or what may have led to their demise. Share news on this development with the Alameda Journal Blog, if you can.

Janet Levaux