New Ferry to South SF Tied to Hefty Support

The new ferry line that links Alameda and South San Francisco, according to San Francisco Chronicle columnists Matier & Ross, entails a $100 subsidy for every $14 round-trip ticket.

The writers say that, over the next two decades, spending on the ferry service will include:
— $26 million for the new Oyster Point ferry terminal, paid for largely with San Mateo County sales tax money,
— $16 million for two 140-seat ferries, paid for from Bay Area bridge tolls, and
— $2.6 million annual operating subsidy, also paid from Bay Area bridge tolls.

According to the columnists, this is about $94 million in total spending.

If an estimated 100,000 riders take the ferry each year, public support to the tune of about $47 per ride is needed.

According to estimates from the Water Emergency Transportation Authority, the 472,000 riders on the Alameda/Oakland Ferry to San Francisco benefit from a subsidy of $8 per ride. It’s $15 for those traveling to/from Sausalito and Larkspur.

Janet Levaux