Facebook Celebrates at the USS Hornet

It’s not clear what or why Facebook is celebrating this late summer, but it’s hosting quite a party tonight at the USS Hornet in Alameda.

Earlier today, its shares closed at $19.44, that’s down nearly 50% since its initial trading several months ago. The Silicon Valley firm began trading publicly in mid-May at around $38.

Investors have since become concerned about its ability to keep making money, and there are allegations that the investment banks behind its shares had “conflicting opinions” on its true value in the long term.

Maybe the company’s employees are celebrating the fact that the shares are still above the $19 mark.

At any rate, judging from the traffic that went into the USS Hornet staging area, it should be quite a party. There was a Bud Light truck and a Corona truck, as well as several trucks full of party supplies for corporate events — including some specifically for games.

Let the games begin then on the USS Hornet — just as they did this week across San Francisco Bay with the start of the America’s Cup.

Janet Levaux