Labor Day Picnic Comes to the Point

Yesterday, the Alameda Point Antiques Faire took place with over Alameda Point, as it does on each first Sunday of every month. (The Faire boasts over 800 Dealer booths, and all items must be 20 years old or older.)

Today, hundreds of union members and their families are expected to gather at the Point for a Labor Day picnic. The gathering is sponsored by the Labor Day Picnic Coalition, which includes unionized nurses, firefighters, teamsters, teachers, food and commercial workers, machinists, building tradesmen and tradeswomen, public employees and many others.

The focus of this year’s picnic is “honoring work and buying American.” Organizers say that unlike past years, when the focus has been on political speeches, this year’s activities will be by and for union members and their families.

“Of course we have many political friends and they are more than welcome to come and mingle. We thought it made sense to try things a little differently and see how it works cutting the speeches and concentrating on solidarity. I’m sure there will be more than one ‘Re-elect President Obama’ and ‘No on 32′ signs,” said Rich Fierro a Trustee at Teamsters Local 70.

(According to some sources, state Proposition 32 aims to deny organized labor the ability to collect money from its workers through voluntary payroll deductions and places additional restrictions on labor unions, while creating special exemptions for other groups working with political actions committees, instead of payroll deductions.)

The event will feature live music, a free barbeque and activities for the whole family. This is the largest union event of its kind in the Bay Area on Labor Day.

Janet Levaux