Alameda-based Artemis Launches AC72

Alameda-based Artemis Racing said it launched its first AC72 on Saturday, Nov. 3. The team says the launch came after thousands of design and build hours, and the vessel includes the latest technology and materials.

The main VIP at the event was Barbro Osher, consul general of Sweden in San Francisco and “godmother” of Artemis.

Team Artemis, the America’s Cup challenger of record, had the hulls built in Sweden. The hulls were then trucked to Valencia, Spain, and then put on a cargo ship headed to to San Francisco, which arrived in August.

The team says its first AC72 wing “suffered significant damage in May during training” in Spain, and the wing — or large sail that powers the AC72 — was completely rebuilt.

“We are extremely excited to get out sailing with this first boat and the learning opportunity that it represents,” said Juan Kouyoumidjian, who led the team designing and constructed the first of two AC72s in Valencia. “Sailing here, in the realities of San Francisco Bay, makes the lessons hard, but extremely relevant.”

The first day of sailing for the Swedish team is likely to be next week. The Artemis group now has 80 members here on the Island.

“It’s been a tremendous team effort to design, build and launch the AC72. We are looking forward to valuable training time on the Bay in the coming weeks,” said team CEO Paul Cayard.

Janet Levaux