Veterans-Themed Events Coming Up at USS Hornet

From Nov.5 to 11, staff and volunteers at the USS Hornet at Alameda Point will be celebrating Veterans Week.

During this period, American military veterans with valid ID will receive complimentary admission to the USS Hornet Museum in recognition of their service to our country. Discounted admission coupons will be accepted for other guests.

A special tribute to veterans is set for 1 p.m. on Saturday, Nov.10, at which time all military veterans will be honored during a unique ceremony.

The Nov. 10 event is set to includes a Neil Armstrong remembrance, featuring Dr. William Carpentier, the NASA flight surgeon assigned to the Apollo 11 mission, who worked closely with the three astronauts and became well-acquainted with Armstrong. He will share some never-before-revealed personal memories of his interaction with the late astronaut and American hero, according to USS Hornet staff.

Former NASA astronaut Dan Bursch will also be a guest. He plans to speak on what the Apollo moon landings meant to the U.S. and to the world. Other highlights will be the unveiling of the recently renovated Apollo Exhibit, as well as an historic aircraft flyover (weather permitting) of Nanchang CJ-6As, and a wreath-tossing ceremony.

Discounted admission coupons will be accepted for the Nov. 10 festivities.

Janet Levaux