New Twist on Local Beauty Shop

A Wall Street Journal writer has found quite the place to get her curly locks taken care of and has let readers across the United States know about it: 1906 Encinal Ave.

In a “Cranky Consumer” article that appeared in the national business newspaper earlier this month, Elizabeth Garone writes, “Getting a haircut can be a nail-biting experience for anyone, but for women with curly hair, it can be especially nerve-racking. Many stylists treat wavy locks just like straight hair, with lousy results.

Garone decided to head to Twist Salon in Alameda for a “Deva” haircut. This involves cutting the hair when it is dry, then washing and conditioning it — a reversal of the normal process.

She had her hair cut by Tami Quan, the salon owner, who trained with Lorraine Massey of the original Devachan Salon in New York and author of “Curly Girl: the Handbook.”

“We really liked the results. Two months later, after following her instructions, the dreaded pyramid has yet to return,” shares Garone.

Quan has been a stylist since 1988 and spent 12 years working at a hair salon on Union Street in San Francisco. Her fellow stylist on the Island, DJ Delokwanitkun, trained and worked previously in Los Angeles.

Janet Levaux