L’Hydroptere Training on Bay After Alameda Departure

Photo courtesy of L'Hydroptere (Copyright).

Photo courtesy of L’Hydroptere (Copyright).

The Hydroptere team has left the Island. According the group’s website, the vessel and its crew moved from Alameda to Richmond on Tuesday, May 21.

The sailing team had been working on improvements at Nelson’s yard, which was closed earlier in May due to unpaid fees, according to the Alameda City Manager’s Office. The crew members shared that Carl Nelson had not charged them for their stay in the dry dock area, which they appreciated.

The group’s objective is to set a world speed record on the journey between Los Angeles and Honolulu. It did some practice exercises on the Bay today (Thursday, May 23), staff at Marina Bay Yacht Harbor in Richmond said.

L’Hydroptere thanked many local supporters and organizations that helped with the trimaran’s launch into the water off Alameda Point: Hadal Submarines, Kai Concepts, Germain Belz, Marina Bay, Gaël Simon and GravlaX, and others.

The French trimaran, which came to Bay in 2012, was “the first to fly in the bay at over 45 knots,” according to its website.

Team leaders Alain Thébault, Jean Le Cam, Jacques Vincent and Paul Besserea arrived from France to the Bay Area yesterday (Wednesday, May 22).

“In fact, we will perform a complete check-up of the boat which has just been launched in her offshore configuration. After this first trial, we will leave San Francisco to convey the Hydroptère to Los Angeles, which is the starting point of the Transpacific record. We will stay in standby for the record from [the] 1st [of] June waiting for a good weather window,” said Thébault on the group’s website.

Photo courtesy of L’Hydroptere (Copyright).

Janet Levaux