Rally to Fight AUSD Set for Today

A parents coalition will hold a protest rally at 5:30 p.m. today at City Hall, before the Alameda School Board Meeting tonight (Tuesday, June 25).

The coalition of families is upset about a recent Alameda Unified School District Board of Trustees decision to move the ACLC charter school to the Wood School campus, co-locating the two schools on one site, for the school year beginning this fall.

Parents with children at both schools say that co-location is bad for the students, and bad for Mike McMahon and Margie Sherratt, the two AUSD board members up for re-election next year. Organizers note that there is already a campaign running “Mike McMahon must go…” advertisements on different issues.

A Wood School parent, said, “It’s despicable how the AUSD administration ran a divide-and-conquer campaign on this issue that pitted ACLC families against Wood families, when the true culprit in this fiasco is the school district itself. This rally will show how we haven’t allowed the district set Alameda families upon each other to achieve district agendas, and that, instead, the district’s machinations have united us.”

Organizers say that parents recognize legal obligations that require the district to provide the ACLC charter school with space, but say there are other alternatives that the district refused to consider. They want the district to halt efforts underway to effect the relocation of ACLC by the fall, and reverse the decision.

Janet Levaux