Outdoor Painting Show at South Shore

Plein Air-Marina

You’ve probably seen several dozen artists around town painting scenes of life on the Island this week.

They’ll share these outdoor-focused works of art today (August 3) at South Shore Center as part of the Frank Bette Center for the Arts’ eighth-annual Plein Air Paintout Art Exhibit and Sale. At 1 p.m., several awards will be given to artists who’ve been selected for outstanding work in a variety of media.

“We’ve brought 40 artists together from all over the United States to Alameda for this event,” said Doug Perry, director of communications for the organization. “They were encouraged to paint on the street and wherever they felt drawn to paint within the city limits.”

Though about one-fourth of the artists are Alamedans, “This is really a national event,” Perry explained. “The artists had to apply and go through a jury. They are very qualified and competent, with portfolios of work to show for themselves.”

Many artists choose to paint buildings, streetscapes, boats docked at a marina or other themes. “This year, Team Artemis said they’d let us know when their America’s Cup catamaran was set to be on the water,” explained Perry, “which is really exciting.” Another popular spot for painting this year, he said, is the egret-nesting area on Bay Farm.

“We rely on the sale of art made during the Plein Air Paintout as our most important source of funds,” he noted. “Right now, for instance, we need to replace our roof. The Perforce Software Foundation has given us $5,000 for the work, but we need to raise about $10,000 more.”

After the sale end this afternoon, the exhibit then will be moved to the Frank Bette gallery at the corner of Lincoln Avenue and Paru Street, where it will be shown through Sept. 28. A reception kicks off the show from 7 to 9 p.m. on Aug. 9, when many of the artists will be present.

Janet Levaux