Scouts Join Clean Up, Work on Communications Badge

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[Blogger’s note: This report was contributed by members of the Alameda Boy Scouts Council Pack 1015-Webelos I Den.]

Threat of rain did not dampen the turn out for Coastal Clean Up on Saturday, Sept. 21. Alameda volunteers — like Nathan Kent (above) — were out in full force at Crown Beach until rains sweep through in the second hour of the event. Members of Alameda Boy Scouts Council Pack 1015 volunteers for the event each year and proudly did so this past weekend.

Before rains forced the group to pack up, members of the Webelos I Den were on the scene reporting about the event as part of their efforts to earn the Communicator Activity Badge. To earn the badge, Scouts respond to interview questions, conduct interviews with community members and take photographs of events like the Coastal Clean Up.

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Scout Nathan Kent interviewed Janet Weisman of Alameda (above), who said: “This is my first time participating in Coastal Clean Up. I moved from the East Coast and just missed the event last year. I think it is great to see everyone out, bonding together, getting rid of the garbage.

As for unusual trash that she found, Weisman explained that she picked up styrofoam, sponges, lots of cigarette butts and a battery.

Scout Nathan Kent said he even found some underwear, while Isaac Camacho – who was interviewed by Scout Aidan O’Grady — found a black rock that looks like obsidian. “I’m keeping it,” Isaac told O’Grady. And Scout Ryan Hand picked up a hair band.

Scout Kyle Long explained that, “The Coastal Clean Up is important, because the sea life can die when they eat the trash.”

Owen Urquhart interviewed Maggie Konecky of Alameda Junior Girl Scouts. “This is my first time,” Konecky said. “The Coastal Clean Up is good for the environment. We need to protect the birds from eating plastic. The plastic remains long after the bird that ate it dies.”

Scout Roman Sykes shared, “This is my first time participating in Coastal Clean Up. It is a good turn out.”

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Sykes also interviewed several members of the Cantrell family, including mother Tina and children Shea and Ila (above). When asked if he thought the Coastal Clean Up was important, Shea responded, “Obviously! We found a comb, a bubble wand and a green army man that I’m keeping.”

Scout Owen Milosevich, who spoke with parent volunteer Leslie Milosevich, said, “I was surprised at how much litter we found on the beach. It’s important to clean the trash up, so birds and other creatures don’t eat it and get sick. We recycle everything at home and reuse things like water bottles. We also compost.”

Scout Austin Hensley shared, “I do my best to sort all of my waste into Compost/Recycling, and also pick-up trash on Park Street.”

Finally, Scout Henry Mills was not able to attend the event, but noted other things community members can do to keep the Earth healthy: “I like to walk to school every day, so that my mom does not have to start the car. I also pick up other people’s trash on the sidewalks when I see it.”

Photos at the event were taken by: Ryan Hand, Kyle Long, Nathaniel Basco and Owen Urquhart.

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Thousands turn out for Coastal Clean Up, an annual one-day event, but taking steps everyday can make a big difference. Please share what you do to take care of the Earth in the comments section below.

Janet Levaux

  • twin_mom

    Great article Webelos! Looks like you all had fun making the world a better place.

  • SHensley

    I am happy this got on the Internet.
    Austin Hensley

  • twin_mom

    Webelo Scout N.W.: I help my community by eating my lunch and throwing away the trash in the correct bin. I also collect beer caps witch is like recycling something useless. Finally, I help my mom with work in our backyard.

  • twin_mom

    From Webelo Scout Q.R.: I like to pick up trash so that sea animals can’t choke and die. Maybe if more plastic stuff was recyclable, we wouldn’t have animals chocking. Also, if there were more trash cans on the beach we probably wouldn’t have so many cigarette butts laying around.

  • twin_mom

    From Webelo Scout A.S.: It is good to keep our Earth clean. Animals will get sick or die by eating trash.