Congrats to Redux Gallery & Studios


Redux Studios & Gallery recently celebrated its second anniversary on the Island with a new exhibit and opening reception, and many congratulations are in order.

Over the past two years, Redux has had 12 art shows, hosted 30 artists in its studios and featured objects from 70 vendors. The shop should feature more furniture going forward, says Rummell, as St. Vincent de Paul trains more individuals to refinish, paint and fix vintage pieces. It also hosts workshops each Saturday, so community members can learn how to make collages and fun items out of second-hand upholstery and assorted materials, like wrapping paper.

“We opened two years ago with an idea of what Redux would be, and our customers have helped shape what we’ve become, in terms of our shows, workshops and merchandise, which changes weekly,” said Chris Rummell, creative reuse and recycling manager of the gallery.

The current exhibit at Redux showcases the work of folk artist Leon Kennedy and his “Driven by the Heart” collection of mixed-media paintings.

Kennedy relied on the social services of St. Vincent de Paul earlier in his life, including a program that gave individuals the chance to take the challenges they were facing in life and turn those stories into theater. As part of this program, he painted the scenery backdrops.

“He’s been a folk artist for about 50 years, and the Smithsonian owns some of his work, which is really visionary,” noted Rummell.

Though St. Vincent de Paul in San Francisco began hosting artists in residence some 20 years ago, Redux is the only operation of its kind in the country today that combines studios and a gallery featuring art and objects made from reused, recycled and re-purposed materials.

“There’s a social mission behind what we are doing here,” Rummell said, “and we hope Redux can help shift the community’s perception of what an interesting program, a social enterprise, can be.”

Janet Levaux