Google Tries Out Ferry at Bay Farm

harbor bay

Google is offering its East Bay employees access to a private ferry service between the Harbor Bay terminal and Redwood City.

The service, being operated by the group that runs the San Francisco Bay Ferry, is running this week on a trial basis.

Google, which has drawn the ire of some San Francisco residents and protestors over its private bus service, staged a similar pilot ferry program from San Francisco recently.

According to the Water Emergency Transportation Authority (WETA), Google is paying $275 per landing. In addition, its employees are asked not to park in public parking areas and are being offered a shuttle service from the ferry to the Google campus.

In other news, Google has been asked by the State of California to move a “mystery barge” from a construction site on Treasure Island in the middle of San Francisco Bay because the permits are not in order, a state official said Monday.

According to several news sources, this notice came after the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission investigated complaints about construction of the floating, four-story building.

Apparently, neither the Treasure Island Development Authority nor the city of San Francisco have the appropriate permits for work to be done at the sit.

Google currently leases the dock space for $79,000 per month, and the lease is good through August.

Janet Levaux