Beached Yacht Gone; Later Sunsets Back


A sailboat that had run aground in the San Leandro Channel (shown above), just west of bridge that connects Alameda’s two islands, was removed earlier this week.

A security guard on Bay Farm Island said Tuesday that it had been reported to Alameda police and other authorities last weekend.

Boats frequently go up on the sand on the channel’s north side, which is particularly shallow when the tide is low.

In other news, the sun is setting at about 6 p.m. these days, and the sunsets are now splashed in pastel colors.

These vistas and many more will attract the attention of local photographers this weekend, during the Frank Bette Center for the Arts ninth-annual Alameda on Camera event–which brings 48 photographers (including this blogger) to 48 different sections of the Island for 48 hours of shooting.


Janet Levaux