Rosenblum Cellars to Leave Alameda


Rosenblum Cellars said earlier this week that it was going to vacate its location near the Alameda Ferry and open up a new wine-tasting venue across the Estuary in Jack London Square.

“Rosenblum is proud of and committed to its roots in the urban East Bay, Alameda and Oakland area. More than half of Rosenblum’s loyal wine club members live locally and visit regularly to sample and buy wines, so finding a new location in the East Bay was a top priority,” said Brigid Harris, general manager of direct-to-consumer operations for Diageo Chateau and Estate Wines, which bought Rosenblum in 2008.

In 2010, Rosenblum wine production ended in Alameda after 13 years and was moved by Diageo to Napa Valley.

“We listen to our club members and visitors to our locations in the East Bay and Healdsburg. We know they love Rosenblum Cellars for great quality wines and for the warm atmosphere of our wine experience. We also know they enjoy food and wine pairings, as well as good food in general. For all of these reasons, we are excited about the new Rosenblum space and all the Oakland location will offer,” Harris added in a press release.

Rosenblum will let its Alameda lease expire in June. It plans a grand opening events in Oakland in July. The group’s wine-tasting lounge in Healdsburg opened in October 2013.

Kent Rosenblum founded the winemaker in Oakland in 1978 and moved it to Alameda in 1987; it specializes in Zinfandel and Rhône varietals.

Rosenblum and his daughter Shauna Rosenblum run the operations of Rockwall Wine Co., which is based at Alameda Point.

Janet Levaux