Another biz bites the dust

The 76 Station on Webster Street closed this week.

The 76 Station on Webster Street closed this week.

The 76 Station at Webster Street and Santa Clara Avenue doesn’t look like its old self. Plywood sheets cover the pumps, windows and the door to the snack shop. It looked pretty closed, so after asking around on Webster Street Saturday, the word was that the owner shuttered the place Wednesday. Someone who requested anonymity said the owner was fed up with the regulations and related costs of running the business and he couldn’t take it any longer. I’ll try to reach the owner during the week for confirmation, but either way, if that was one of your regular gas stations, cross it off the list, as least for now. The other tidbit from anonymous that still needs confirmation is that the property belongs to a private owner, not to the 76 company.


A record move

The Record Gallery on Webster Street is moving

The Record Gallery on Webster Street is moving.

After 36 years in the same spot on Webster Street, the Record Gallery is moving.

Owner Leo Steccati set up shop at 1510 Webster St. back in 1976, before MP3 players or pod casts – even before eight track tapes became obsolete.

Store manager and eventual new owner Steve Kennedy says he is trying to look at the bright side to the July 1 move behind 1451 Webster, behind Serendipity, a consignment shop, but it’s still “heartbreaking,” he says.

Between the economy and the rent, the move became necessary. Kennedy said they asked the building owner for a rent reduction, but didn’t get one.

“This town needs rent control,” he said.

Their new spot will have about half the space they now have, but the rent will also be reduced by about half.

To get to the new place, customers will need to round the corner because there is no causeway to get to the back of Serendipity. But that probably won’t pose a problem, Kennedy said, because it’s kind of fun to find things. People will also likely walk a few steps to get to the shop’s longtime inventory of used records and cd’s, and its more recent and popular stock of retro and vintage clothing.