Robber hits West End bank

The headline says about everything the police office with the sniffing dog said Thursday afternoon. Several police cars were in the area of Citibank on Webster Street. The officer with the dog said he couldn’t talk because there had been a bank robbery. Sorry, I don’t know if anyone was hurt, although there was no ambulance around, so that’s a good sign. Judging from the sniffing dog, the perpetrator fled the scene.


Burglaries at Harbor Bay Isle

Alerts about burglaries are posted at mailboxes at Harbor Bay Isle.

Alerts about burglaries are posted at mailboxes at Harbor Bay Isle.

Police and security staffers are advising residents of Harbor Bay Isle to take extra precautions following a number of burglaries and attempted burglaries in the neighborhood. Homes on Kofman Parkway, Miranda Way and Oyster Pond were burglarized and an attempted, but unsuccessful, break-in occured on Killarney Place.

All of the incidents happened between July 20 through July 22. Among the items stolen are cameras, jewelry and televisions. Witnesses have reported seeing suspects and a police investigation is under way.


Burglaries reported on Fernside Boulevard

At least two houses on Fernside Boulevard have been burglarized in less than a week, according to two people. The note below is from a Fernside District resident and the burglary apparently took place Monday. Another person, who owns a rental home on Fernside, said his tenant was burglarized last weekend.

“Just a warning that there was a burglary on the 3100 block of Fernside
(at High Street) this afternoon between 2:00 and 3:00 p.m. They mostly
took small stuff like jewelry. The Alameda Police told our neighbor
that this has been going on recently. So make sure to lock all doors
and windows when you leave – even if it’s during the day.”


In Alameda: Cleaning up after your dog

It is two or three times a week at least that I clean up dog poop from my yard, or my driveway, or the sidewalk in front of my house.

And I don’t have a dog.

At the school near where I live, there are very often piles of poop left there. I don’t blame the dog. You can’t blame the dog. I blame the dog owners who, through whatever trick of mental justification, leave their dog’s poop there.

As my neighbor H. Atkisson wrote in a recent letter to the editor:

I find myself wondering what is going on in Alameda that so many people find it socially acceptable to allow their dogs to poop on a lawn and walk away. Do the dog owners think that nobody will notice? That it will somehow be absorbed into the ground?

Atkisson ended with this plea:

It is illegal to let your dog roam without a leash, and it is illegal to leave your dog poop on public or private property. Please respect your neighbors and the law. Clean up your poop.

You can read the whole letter (though you must scroll down) here.


Alameda man charged with murder of two men

Twenty-year-old Andrew Wong, a Safeway employee, has been charged with murdering two fellow employees over gambling debts. From an Alameda Journal story:

Police said the suspect, Andrew Wong, 20, owed money to both victims, in one case as much as $5,000. He is charged with two counts of murder with special circumstances: multiple homicides; one killing committed during a burglary; and one committed during a robbery.

Michele Ellson of The Island had this on one of the murders. And the Chronicle has a story as well.


Man stabbed to death at Fruitvale BART

A young man was killed, according to news reports, after an altercation a in the BART parking lot Thursday night around 9:30 p.m. The victim was 18. His name was Christopher Gonzalez. And, according to this Chronicle story, he lived around the corner from BART and ran home after he was stabbed and died in his father’s arms.

[Updated: This story says the stabbing was self-defense.]


Meth bust in Alameda

The Alameda Journal‘s Peter Hegarty has this story up about a meth bust on Alameda Ave. in Alameda. The East Bay Express has an item up about the arrest, too. What’s most interesting about the Express post is the way it characterizes Alameda, in kind of a snotty way. “Alameda,” writes the Express’s Kathleen Richards, “home to old-fashion ice cream stores, barber shops, La PiƱata and meth dealers.” Sometimes it gets tiresome to be a city summed up in clever catch phrases—someone told me on the playground this morning something she’d heard people say about Alameda, “Home to newly weds and nearly deads.”


New Year’s shooting at Fruitvale BART near Alameda

All over the news is the story of the shooting of a young, unarmed man at the Fruitvale BART in the wee hours of New Year’s Day. News coverage here and here. If you watch the KTVU news report’s footage here,—the shooting is about two minutes in, and it is disturbing, be warned—it looks very much like the officer simply reached for his gun, stepped back, and shot. Then he puts his hands to his head, in what seems like a gesture of distress. What was happening? Did he think his gun was his taser? Did he momentarily lose his mind? What else happened in that scuffle that we could not see? In any case, Oscar Grant, 22, is dead, and many other lives have been ruined. The abundance of video taken of the event prevents what might have been, in decades past, a coverup. The facts will likely be known—whatever sad version the truth is.


Arson on Alameda’s Willow Street

[Updated, Dec. 4: The Alameda Journal has this story on the fire.]

Alameda police are reporting that a fire in a Willow Street apartment building Tuesday night was caused by arson. Witnesses apparently saw three men throw an “incendiary device” through the building’s front window around 10:25 p.m. Anyone with information about the fire is asked to call the Alameda police at 510-337-8340. More details on the incident here. CBS has the story, too.