More details on Alameda hit-and-run fatality

The 36-year-old driver of the Jeep accused of killing a pedestrian on the path along Alameda’s Shoreline Drive earlier this month now says he does remember the incident. Peter Hegarty of the Alameda Journal has more details on Dionisio Roxas Molina Jr.’s story, and, too, the charges filed against him. George Marceline, who was out for a morning walk on the path when he was run over, was well-known around the Bay, especially as an Oakland Raiders fan.


Jeep driver on path reportedly deliberately killed pedestrian

It’s depressing and sad, but the Alameda Journal‘s Peter Hegarty is reporting that the driver who ran over 78-year-old George Marceline on the path that goes along the Bay near Shoreline Drive early Saturday morning did so on purpose. The driver, Dionisio Roxas Molina, 36, first claimed he had no memory of the incident and was admitted to the hospital for examination. Later, he said he did it on purpose and that he also tried to hit another pedestrian on his drive along the path as well.


Alameda’s City Council does about face on park bike ban

John Knox White, an ardent government-watcher/participant, deserves credit for placing the shining light of words and logic on city council’s recent move to ban “muscle-powered” vehicles in our city’s parks. As various others have noted, the proposed law really did boggle the mind. But, mercifully, we’re now on to other challenges.