Crepes … to go

Well, it was worth a try. We hope, anyway, for the sake of the company. The little crepe shop on Encinal Avenue, next to Kobe Ya, is now empty. Quick, what would you like to see in that spot? There is plenty of foot traffic in that location. Wouldn’t it be great to smell Lockeford sausage fragrances wafting out of that storefont? People stand in line for them at the antique fair and when the street fairs come downtown. They’d probably do the same if those treats came to town to stay. Thoughts?


10 minutes later, the curb wanted more

This empty MSG (monosodium glutamate) barrel was placed on the sidewalk near Park Street and Santa Clara Avenue, near a Chinese restaurant. This stuff has taken a public beating, reputation-wise, and maybe, like any so-called “flavor enhancer” it’s not necessarily nutritious, but according to Web MD, it’s also not the food demon that people have been led to believe. Check out this.


Yogurt Island

Another yogurt shop is on the way, in the 2300 block of Santa Clara Avenue. The positive: Another new business is always a good thing, yogurt is relatively healthy (depending on what goes in it on top of it) and it may mean a new job or two, which is very welcome.

The less positive: How much yogurt can we consume, especially when the warm season ends? There are currently at least 9 shops in town, including ice cream parlors, that serve yogurt dishes. We wish them all good luck; their success would also be our good luck, in terms of revenues for the city. Still, it would be wonderful to have a nice deli like the West End has, with roasted meat sandwiches and pasta salads. What businesses would you like to see come to town?