Floating ‘Eyesores’ Off Alameda Drawing Attention


Local residents have been reaching out to authorities in and around Alameda in the hopes of getting some old vessels removed from San Leandro Bay, reports Kristin Bender of the Oakland Tribune.

The four abandoned watercraft are located down the estuary from (or south of) the Park Street Bridge, which is now the site of the burned out Tiki Tom’s restaurant and wharf, as well as past the Fruitvale and High Street bridges.

Some community members speculate that the vessles have been abandoned by a local marine-salvage operator.

Thanks to Deborah Finney and others for contacted various agencies to try to have the eyesores removed.

And thank you to Hillary Jones-Mixon of the Bay Area News Group for the photo.


Just in: Video of car in Alameda-Oakland Estuary

Indeed, it is not each and every day that a car lands in the Alameda-Oakland Estuary. Here’s some video of the car and the Alameda Avenue homeowner under whose house the car is lodged. (The house is on the Oakland side of the estuary, just east of the Fruitvale Bridge.) My best guess is, come high tide, they’ll tow that car out.