This Week’s Alamedan: Catie Hembrow


Lived in Alameda: A little over a year
Age: 37
Originally from: South Lake Tahoe
Occupation: Registered Nurse, Trauma, Regional Medical Center of San Jose
Family: Partner, Beth Ochsner, nonprofit fundraiser; son, Sam, 4 months

Why Alameda?
It’s just a very nice place. It’s very kid-friendly and we knew we wanted to have kids—it’s friendly, affordable and safe.

Like best about Alameda?
Alameda is a small community with all the advantages of a big city—we’re so close to San Francisco, but if you forget to lock your door at night you’re OK.

Would like to change about Alameda?
I can’t think of anything!

Alameda favorites
Dan’s Produce, Java Rama, and Central Cinema has a babies night—babies in arms are no charge. It’s fun to be able to go to the movies and Sam gets to see other babies.

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April 27: Alameda Circus for Arts in the Schools

Alameda will once again host the Circus for Arts in the Schools. The show is Sunday, April 27 at Kofman Auditorium. Jeff Raz, who I had the pleasure of interviewing a couple weeks back, will be serving as ringmaster. You can check out a short profile of him here. Buy tickets to the two shows (1 p.m. and 4 p.m.) online or at the always-fabulous Toy Safari on Park Street.


This Week’s Alamedan: Dave McCarver

David McCarver Name: Dave McCarver
Age: 44
Lived in Alameda: Since first grade
Occupation: Owner, with Dennis Jameson, Alameda Advertising and Recognition, Inc. Launched out of a garage in 1991, AA&R sell plaques, trophies and gear. “We’re about 50-50 awards and promotional stuff (anything you can put your logo on).”
Children: April, 7, and Christopher, 9
Activities: Alameda Boys and Girls Club Advisory Board, youth baseball, basketball and softball coach.

Like best about Alameda?

There’s a really strong sense of community here. It’s nice to go into Doumitt Shoes and see Tony, who I went to high school with and go to McGee’s and see Johnny who I’ve known for 25 years. The community supports itself: most of the teams and leagues and schools in Alameda use us–and we sponsor teams.

Would like to change about Alameda?
I don’t like the fact that people drive too fast though the streets, even side streets. Kids can’t play outside because cars speed by too fast.

Word to the wise
I think that they should allow as much as triplexes out at the base. I’d like to see our police and fire and teachers be able to live here. Not everyone can afford to buy an $800,000 house and we all lose because we’re not able to walk around town and see our teachers and our firemen–maybe have them coach our kids or see them at an event or get to know their kids because they live here. I wouldn’t change Measure A for the island, but I would allow some flexibility out on the base.

More to the wise
We need to get the Boys and Girls Club built, because everything else is pay to play. They’ve got some really good grants and there’s been a lot of community support, but they still need to raise more before they can begin construction. Growing up we’d go there all afternoon and do any number of things–wood shop, ping-pong, crafts, basketball. Kids need a place to go now more than ever.