Bye-bye Alamedanet.net

With Alamedanet.net email down all day Sunday (all three customer support people I talked to at the hotline set up for the transition from Alameda Power & Telecom to Comcast said the outage had nothing to do with the switchover), I’ve decided to move forward with a switch of my own. With AT&T home phone rates ever on the rise and plus that nasty experience a couple months ago with the many-phone-calls-requiring-to-remove fraudulent charges for a web-based voicemail box I never authorized, I signed up this morning (thanks, Mike) for cable, internet, and home phone service through Comcast.

On Saturday, the Comcast technician will be here (do you think s/he will make it in the two-hour window, 2 -4? b/c I have Alameda Civic Ballet Nutcracker to attend) to switch us to their digital phone service (unlimited long distance and local calls) and update us from basic cable to expanded basic. My understanding is that they will also be unhooking us from the AP&T cable and attaching us to the Comcast one. The logic of this is not completely clear to me. The introductory rate for all three services is about $90, which is less than we’ve been paying…and we’ll have more channels. And there’s no installation fee, says Mike. Hopefully, internet service will be as fast as lightning. And the next time alamedanet.net email goes down, I will not be shut off from the world. Also: one of the kind tech people I talked to—and they were all friendly and local (Mike reported Comcast is hiring)—said that if we call tech support they’ll set up a bounce message for emails sent to our old alamedanet.net addresses, letting them know where we can be found. Gmail it is.


Alamedanet.net email down

Email was inaccessible this morning when I, up early, tried to download my email at 5:00 a.m. A friend and neighbor, who said she did get some emails through this afternoon, said it was also inoperable late Saturday night as well.

My mid-afternoon phone call to the ‘transition hotline’ number cost me 20 minutes on hold. When I finally got through, a young man in Concord said that Comcast had just learned of the problem a few hours before. Which, if true, made me sad, because email had been down for 12 hours at that point. Internet access remains live at my house, as does cable TV. When will the email come through again?