A visit to Alameda’s Angela’s Bistro

Last Friday night we dined with friends at the just-opened Angela’s Bistro on the corner of Central and Oak. The place was jolly and crowded and sleekly-decorated. We spotted at least one school board member and at least one graduate of my high school.

When my dining companion’s menu caught fire on a candle—the holder was so slight the flame was above the rim—the waitstaff asked to keep the menu (we were told it was the third such fire of the evening) to show management and convince them that the holders, though lovely, were not so sensible. There was bread, but slow. Wine but no wine menu and dessert but no dessert menu. The food was a little uneven—our teeny-tiny eggplant appetizer was a bit of a shock (that two-bite serving for $7 dollars?)—but overall the food was yummy. And, for a second night open, all was running relatively smoothly. We will go back. A special hat tip to our young waiter—just moved from Hawaii—who was gracious and lovely throughout the meal.