South Crown Beach Inspected, Still Closed

The southern sections of Crown Memorial State Beach remain closed due to environmental damage and hazards from the October 30 oil spill in San Francisco Bay.

Northern sections of the beach reopened on Saturday, November 14, between Crab Cove and Westline Drive.

However, according to the East Bay Regional Parks District, the inspectors found many medium-size tar patties, roughly the size of a quarter to half dollar and large pancake-size ones, too, on Tuesday, November 17.  Thus, the cleanup will continue for the rest of this week and through the weekend.

The good news, according to the park district, is that 2.5 pounds of debris were collected on Monday, November 16, whereas 20 pounds were picked up on Friday, November 13.

A fishing ban is in effect from the northern tip of Alameda Point to the southern tip of Harbor Bay, excluding the San Leandro Channel.


Virtual surfing at the beach

Everyone who’s kite boarding in our fair waters probably already knows this, but it’s also fun for taking a virtual live look at the beach. The Board Sports School and Shop that teaches windsurfing and kite sailing has a Web site where you can look at a current photo of the sand and surf (a still shot, yes, but it updates every two minutes, so it’s more like a slow-moving virtual flipbook).

If you can’t make it to the beach for a walk or a wave-wrangle, the site is the closest thing to being there. Be aware, however, that the Web cam delivers its own version of the color of sand – it’s golden in the photos. (For you air-head authorities, there are also wind readings and other surfish information.)

Last note: Looking at the beach doesn’t count as fresh air or exercise. You have to actually get away from the computer for that. Sorry.