Alameda Bird Group Takes Break from Walks

The bird-walking group Bay Farm Nature Connection won’t be staging its monthly birdwalks in April and May.

The next walk should take place in June.

BFNC member Ralf Stinson, who took the pelican photo shown above, needs to tend to other activities.

He, along with fellow BFNC partners  Tim Molter and Harv Wilson, will be traveling to Arizona to bird the area.

Meanwhile, members of the group will be keeping an eye on the local egrets, now building their nests on the lagoon near Bay Farm Christian Fellowship Church.
Happy birding.


Alameda’s Got a Springtime Egret Colony

Many thanks to Ralf Stinson and members of the Bay Farm Nature Connection for news about Alameda’s Egret colony.

As the photo above shows, spring has sprung in one tree, for sure, with 24 inhabitants.

“I made over a dozen counts, and the best number I could come up with is 24 birds — about half Great Egrets and half Snowy Egrets,” explains Stinson. 

“The significant changes from last week is the addition of Snowy Egrets and the increase number of Great Egrets,” Stinson says. ” The most common behavior for both was breeding posture with raised feathers, and breeding colors.”

The second-most common behavior was nest building, according to Stinson, who saw some birds with twigs in their bills.  “There was some nest laying. However, I did not see any sign of tending eggs,” he explains. 

The bird lover captured a beautiful image of a Snowy Egret in breeding posture:


So, it looks like we can expect some more “action” a few months from now when some baby egrets are born and tended to.
And there could be more news this spring on a Cooper’s Hawk nest in town, though Stinson didn’t see any signs of habitation this week.

Happy birding!