San Bruno Fire Visible from Bay Farm, Crown Beach

The massive fire, apparently caused by a broken natural-gas pipeline in San Bruno at about 6 p.m. Thursday, September 9, was completely visible across the San Francisco Bay in Bay Farm Island and western areas of Alameda in the early evening.

About a dozen Bay Farm residents discussed the cause of the blaze at 6:30 p.m., when there was still suspicion that a plane had crashed in the Peninsula.

Within the first hour of the blaze, a large cloud of smoke had formed, but it was being pushed south by the wind.

Planes could be seen departing out of San Francisco International Airport, as well as from the Oakland International Airport, and the Harbor Bay Ferry was operating.

One San Bruno resident posted a photo on the Bay Area News Group website, and local TV stations are carrying live photage of the fire.

Flames from the fire reportedly been as high as 50-60 feet high, and several homes and cars have been destroyed in the residential area of San Bruno where the inferno is situated.

Firefighters from Alameda County are helping to put out the blaze.