Bye-Bye, Alameda Donut Shop


Dozens of Alameda residents visited Golden Pin Donuts on Park Street one last time on Saturday, March 26, the final day that the friendly shop was in business.

Owner Rahim Seyedin, a native of Iran, decided to retire after 26 years of running the store.

As customers lined up for the final batches of fresh donuts on Saturday, many stopped to shake Seyedin’s hand and thank him for his friendly, community-focused service.

When asked about the shop’s name, Seyedin said a friend suggested it and thought it was “lucky.” It refers,”you know, to a golden rolling pin” that a baker would use for making treats, he explained.


The staff at the donut shop say a Chinese restaurant is set to occupy the space.

Hopefully, another donut shop or bakery (or two) can open soon on Park Street. With the the closing of Bonaire Bakery (several months ago) and now Golden Pin Donuts, those with a sweet tooth are out of luck in this section of town when it comes to a shop dedicated to such delicacies.

There is, of course, Feel Good Bakery (down near Buena Vista and Park), and a new sweet-treat shop has been set to open on Park Street near the Bank of America for several months — but hasn’t shown any signs of life lately.

Given its history and warm-hearted service, Golden Pin will certainly be missed by Alamedans and others.