Power Outages Cause Library Closure

The Alameda Free Library on Oak Street is closed Sunday, October 24, due to power outages.

The power outages took place around 1 p.m., lasting for only a few minutes in the area around the intersection of Park Street and Lincoln Avenue.

However, when more than 20 people asked to go back into the library at about 3 p.m., library staff told residents that they could not enter.

Children, teens and adults expressed their frustration with a staff member, but — despite the fact that the lights were on throughout the library — were told they were not allowed into the public facility.

We will email the library on Monday, October 25, to see if this is an official or “flexible” library policy, since a wet winter season is predicted for the library.

On a positive note, library staff cleaned chewing gum, coffee stains and other dirt on the sidewalk area in front of the popular building on Friday, October 22.


Alameda’s New Zealander Pub: Could Have Second Life

Although calls to the New Zealander Restaurant and Pub on Webster Street have not been returned, there seems to be some effort to resurrect the establishment.

Conversations on the restaurant review site Yelp include a discussion about its possible return.

Mike T. of San Ramon says, “I’m currently in the process of working with the new owner on getting this place open.  We are currently looking to refresh the restaurant, while keeping the same concept and same chef.”

He notes that this effort could take a while:  “We ask that you be patient with this change over as there have been paperwork bottlenecks, (especially with the liquor license), that need to get cleared up.  Please visit the [restuarant’s]website, which will be updated with further information, and we look forward to seeing all of you back when we reopen.”

Well OK, mates, there’s the latest. We’ll hope to see the doors open sooner rather than later.

It’s a pity the pub’s had troubles. It had the privilege of being visited by some members of the New Zealand All Blacks rugby team just late last year.


South Crown Beach Inspected, Still Closed

The southern sections of Crown Memorial State Beach remain closed due to environmental damage and hazards from the October 30 oil spill in San Francisco Bay.

Northern sections of the beach reopened on Saturday, November 14, between Crab Cove and Westline Drive.

However, according to the East Bay Regional Parks District, the inspectors found many medium-size tar patties, roughly the size of a quarter to half dollar and large pancake-size ones, too, on Tuesday, November 17.  Thus, the cleanup will continue for the rest of this week and through the weekend.

The good news, according to the park district, is that 2.5 pounds of debris were collected on Monday, November 16, whereas 20 pounds were picked up on Friday, November 13.

A fishing ban is in effect from the northern tip of Alameda Point to the southern tip of Harbor Bay, excluding the San Leandro Channel.