Crown Beach Cleanup ’11: ‘Another Success’

This year’s Coastal Cleanup on Crown Beach on Saturday, Sept. 17, drew 592 people to the waterfront, and they picked up about a ton of trash, organizers say. “It was another successful year – another banner year, in fact,” said Kerry Parker of the Public Works Department.

There’s some discussion about the level of activity in 2011 vs. 2010, and Parker wants to set the record straight on this matter. Last year’s effort involved not only Crown Beach but also the waterfront area by the Encinal Boat Ramp, she says. As a result, the number of volunteers was higher and more litter, including large pieces of trash, was collected in 2010.

Across the state, the number of Coastal Cleanup volunteers has been growing in recent years, she adds, while the total quantity of trash collected has declined. “This means that our efforts are having a measurable impact,” Parker explained.

Still, she says, trash from city streets gets into the Bay when it rains via storm drains, so residents need to be sure that everything from cigarette butts to plastic-bottle caps are put into the garbage each day.

Alameda residents who want to support regular, perhaps monthly, efforts to clean up Crown Beach should contact the East Bay Regional Park District supervisor for the area, Kevin Takei, at (510) 544-3171. And feel free to contact this blog site about such efforts, so we can spread the word on how Alamedans can protect our waterfront.


Alameda Beach Needs Volunteers on Sept. 25


It’s time for a day at the beach – without the swimsuits and towels.

Alameda Public Works Department is hosting the 26th-annual Coastal Cleanup Day at Robert W. Crown Memorial State Beach this Saturday, September 25. Volunteers are needed from 9 a.m. to noon and are asked to bring their own work gloves and trash containers, if possible.

“We will provide plastic gloves and bags, if needed, but we would like community members to bring their own supplies and reusable supplies are better,” Kerry Parker, program specialist for the department. “We don’t want to be dumping any plastic while we’re collecting it.”

Public Works is working with Alameda County Industries, East Bay Regional Parks District, Alameda Recreation and Parks Department and other organizations to make the morning cleanup of Crown Beach a success. Last year, more than 500 volunteers picked up about 1,200 pounds of trash.

Matson, the Oakland-based shipping company, has volunteered to clean up another area of the Island. The firm says it should have more than 70 volunteers, including its president and members of a local Girl Scout troop, at the event.

“We really want to get rid of the small plastic items that look like food for birds, but can harm Bay Area marine and wildlife,” Parker said. “It’s important to pick up all the cigarette butts, too, since they don’t break down.”

“It’s remarkable – all the plastic that we pick up,” she explained. “And we encourage people to reduce how much of it they use, since this will cut down on how much ends up in the Bay and in the plastic vortex, or garbage patch, out in the Pacific Ocean.”

Parker says that children 6 years and up are invited to participate in the event, and all cleanup volunteers are encouraged to wear sturdy shoes, sunscreen and hats. Most volunteers will work in the main area of Crown Beach on Shoreline, though a small group will clean up the adjacent bird sanctuary.

To keep track of all the volunteers and the garbage that’s collected, city residents need to register before the event begins and should get to the beach a few minutes before 9 a.m., if possible.

“It should be a beautiful morning cleanup, and we expect nice weather,” she said.

Thanks to the East Bay Regional Parks for the photo.