Coyotes on the Island of Alameda?

Acting on a tip from an alert reader (thank you SD), I went down to Crown Memorial Beach park earlier where the grass is new and protected by taller-than-most-humans chain link fences. I found that, yes, just as SD had reported, there were coyote-sized pieces of cardboard with coyote pictures on them. And, even though my eight-year-old research assistant was impatient to get to her ballet class, I was able to capture a picture of one of the coyotes in the company of the geese that—perhaps?—it’s designed to frighten away.
coyote with geese

A careful look at a coyote that had have fallen down on the job near the fence revealed a label.

coyote on the ground Closer inspection revealed some text. coyote label And then what’s the next step? Why, Google of course. It turns out for $43.95 retail you can get a two-pack of Coyote Decoys by Renzo’s at a Wildlife Control Supply store. But what are they supposed to frighten away?