Oil comes ashore at Alameda’s Crown Beach

We did not go to the beach today—the kids had cooking camp in the morning and then my daughter had ballet this afternoon—but from this just posted Oakland Tribune story (the Tribune is part of the sisterhood of newspapers that includes our hometown Alameda Journal) it sounds like there were tar balls and oil sheen that forced the closing of Robert Crown Memorial State Beach this afternoon. My guess is that tomorrow will not be a good beach day, either. KRON 4 has the story, too.


Coyotes on the Island of Alameda?

Acting on a tip from an alert reader (thank you SD), I went down to Crown Memorial Beach park earlier where the grass is new and protected by taller-than-most-humans chain link fences. I found that, yes, just as SD had reported, there were coyote-sized pieces of cardboard with coyote pictures on them. And, even though my eight-year-old research assistant was impatient to get to her ballet class, I was able to capture a picture of one of the coyotes in the company of the geese that—perhaps?—it’s designed to frighten away.
coyote with geese

A careful look at a coyote that had have fallen down on the job near the fence revealed a label.

coyote on the ground Closer inspection revealed some text. coyote label And then what’s the next step? Why, Google of course. It turns out for $43.95 retail you can get a two-pack of Coyote Decoys by Renzo’s at a Wildlife Control Supply store. But what are they supposed to frighten away?