Alameda Day-Care Family in Need after Blaze

Donations are now being accepted for the family of Marfa Lyons, whose child-care center and personal belongings were lost during a blaze last week in the 2400 block of Lincoln Avenue.

Neighbors ask community members to consider making a donation in the form of a gift card from Kohl’s, Target, Safeway or CVS. Such donations can be left at Cliff’s C-5 Volvo repair shop, across the street from the damaged day-care center, at 2429 Lincoln Avenue, .

Also, one elementary school in town and staff at Cliff’s are accepting donations of the following items: women’s clothes (size 24) and shoes (size 10.5), clothes in misses’ size 12 and 7.5 shoes, and clothes in girls’ size 8-10 and shoes (size 1Y-youth).

On a bright note, a group of teachers in Sacramento who read about the blaze online say they are going to send a monetary donation in soon.

Sadly, Lyons, family members and the kids had recently planted a nice garden in front of the day-care center and had re-done the back garden area.