Oh, poop

Who doesn’t love Robert W. Crown Beach and Park? The grass and trees, the picnic tables, the beach and the bay. It’s all so idyllic.

Except for one thing – the unpleasant downwind breeze along the shoreline path near the duck pond. This small pond is where waterfowl celebrate diversity, where Canada geese, gulls, ducks and coots all leave their doots – and the breeze blows softly beyond the pond to the shoreline path.

It’s not there all the time. It’s just there a lot. Enough to see strollers clamp their hands over their mouths and noses until they’ve passed through the reek.

Park Supervisor Michael Avalos said the pond is actually a storm drain let-off for the city. If a storm hits, the floodgates open. Well, we do need that. Avalos mentioned that the smell is seasonal, but the season just seems to last longer lately. Too bad there’s no way to pond-train our feathered friends.