Alameda nonprofits are exempt from Measure H

There’s been a bit of blog buzz about nonprofits being hit hard by Measure H (not to mention an assertion by an Elks trustee that the club will need to pay $5,800 annually for the tax). But, the actual fact is that charities and churches are exempt from Measure H.

As Andy Currid, who is heading up the Measure H effort, wrote in a recent email: “Please note that Measure H will not tax the Elks or similar not-for-profit institutions in Alameda. This is because the parcels of land owned by those institutions (many of whom are churches) have Use Codes that are not commercial or industrial. Measure H also exempts any property that is already exempt from property tax under state law.”

If you want to dig more into the legalities, here’s a link to the county tax code. And here’s the actual Measure H text, which reads, in part, “Real property otherwise exempted from taxation under the constitution and laws of the State of California shall also be exempted from any liability for the special tax imposed by this measure.” And here’s a link to the state board of equalization detailing non profits (as well as other churches and charitable entities) property tax exemption.