Alameda librarian Eva Volin at Comic Con

Alameda’s Head Children’s Librarian Eva Volin is featured in this National Public Radio report. She was interviewed at Comic Con, a national comic book convention. Comics (or graphic novels), are all the rage, especially Japanese Manga—which are popular with both girls and boys. Volin is working hard to keep Alameda’s library shelves stacked with good reads.


Saturday is family fun day at the Alameda Free Library

I have it on the authority of the Alameda Free Library children’s librarian that Saturday is a great day to visit the library’s main branch for family fun. The day’s activities are focused on developing young children’s literacy skills. Children’s Librarian Eva Volin:

Literacy is so much more than just learning to read. It includes making reading a part of each family’s every day life, like brushing your teeth. Parents need to show their kids that reading is important by reading themselves, out in the open, where kids can see them do it. Family Fun Day is one way to help make that happen.

The event starts at 11 a.m. and runs until 3 p.m. There’ll be bookmaking crafts, a parenting workshop on raising media savvy kids, and the library will also be giving away free books. At 1 p.m. there’ll be a puppet show by the Puppet Art Theater.

Alameda Reads director Jordona Elderts:

Family fun day is a culmination of our Early Learning with Families (ELF) grant to promote library use for young families. Learning starts earlier than some realize and we want the library to be a resource for parents to gather, where they can get information and materials. The ELF Storytime program visits 19 sites using trained volunteers to read, sing, and play with preschool children each month.