Alamedans Enjoy the Giants Parade – Part I

A group of Alamedans and other East Bay residents headed across the San Francisco Bay on the Alameda-Oakland Ferry to enjoy the San Francisco Giants Ticker Tape Parade today.

They went, of course, to celebrate the Giants’ World Series victory over the Texas Rangers. And on the 8:20 a.m. ferry, revelers were greeted by the MSC Texas, a super-sized cargo ship owned by the Mediterranean Shipping Company, as it made its way through the Estuary toward the Port of Oakland.


The crowd on the Alameda-Oakland ferry was in a good mood, not only because of the planned festivities. Unlike their counterparts on the Golden Gate Ferry coming over from Marin County, the East Bay ferry riders did not have to deal with extra traffic, crowded parking lots or large crowds on the boats.


There were large crowds all over downtown San Francisco, though, as people from all over the Bay Area congregated along the parade route. There were no official estimates, but many spectators think that at least one million people showed up for the event.

As a result, it wasn’t easy to get very close to the players as they made their way through downtown, smiling, waving and — in the case of Barry Zito — taking pictures.


Alameda Hit By Storms, as Other News Unfolds

It’s been a week of wild weather — and wild news — and it’s only Wednesday!

As a series of storms (shown above in a recent image from the National Weather Service) brought lots of rain to the Island, ferry service on the Oakland-Alameda Ferry service was disrupted this morning. It did resume this afternoon.

Service to and from Harboy Bay was not interrupted.  But it’s good to check the latest news for both ferries during the winter.

Early morning on January 20, reports Michelle Ellson of The Island, members of the Coast Guard responded to cries for help from a 25-year-old man in the water near Grand Marina. He later died at Alameda Hospital, possibly due to hypothermia.

A day earlier, the Alameda Journal’s Peter Hegarty reported the recent arrest of  a woman who’d stolen property from Alameda resident and opera star Frederica van Stade. The alleged thief had sold some items through Michaan’s Auctions, on the former Alameda Naval Station, which has been cooperating with police in reuniting von Stade’s family with the stolen items.

For those looking to pick up some interesting items at below-auction prices, namely driftwood, here’s your chance. During the afternoon of January 19 (when it was high tide and a few kiteboarders were out), Crown Beach was littered with with driftwood, including one large light-colored curved piece shaped like a beached sea lion.

Just watch your step.  At least one fish that measuring about 40 inches had washed up on the beach, too.

To check the wind and other conditions on Crown Beach at any time, go the website of the Kite Wind Surf shop on the beach. The wind camera is taking a winter break; but the wind readings (speed, direction and gust) as well as the weather updates are live.