Alameda Wildlife & Grand Marina

You never know what you’ll find on the docks in Alameda — maybe even a nest of house finches in the main sail of a boat docked at Grand Marina.

The nest was spotted a few weeks ago by an Alameda-based sailor, and this photo of the finch eggs was taken by local birder Cindy Margulis about 10 days ago.

And over the past couple of days, the eggs have hatched, and the baby birds are hungry. Once they get well nourished and are able to fly on their own, during the next week or two, they should move off the boat and onto dry land.  

Many thanks to Bay Farm Nature Connection (BFNC) for helping out with the birds — and for suggesting that the boat not head out for a summer sail until the young finches have abandoned ship.

Hopefully, the Alameda group will be scheduling a bird walk later this summer.