Alameda’s Measure E Grabs National Spotlight

Jenny Turcinovic is putting Alameda — and the nasty Measure E-battle — on the map.

The New York Times did a June 11 story on what transpired when Turcinovic put up a “No on Measure E” sign up at her shop, the International Aria Market & Bakery, at Webster Street and Lincoln Avenue.

Now, the New York Times writer (a freelancer judging from his email address) starts off the story by saying that Turcinovic has had the shop open for years, while the Bosnian immigrant has really had the food shop in business for closer to a year or two.

Thus, Turcinovic may not have had any previous experience with such contentious Island issues (and attitudes) when she put up the sign, supplied by her landlord Steve Case.

Still, it’s sad to read that some pro-Measure E folks apparently got very nasty about Turcinovic’s take on the parcel tax.

The shop owner doesn’t feel that she has the money to pay for Measure E, while parents vocally let her know their view on the parcel tax: Alameda schools and students deserve more support — financially and otherwise.

And with tough times today for many families and businesses, it’s really a shame that Alameda leaders and residents alike couldn’t come up with a parcel tax that wasn’t so controversial. Of course, once it involves a tax, it’s generally an automatic controversy.

The nasty debate has made it very clear that we most need on the Island is a parcel tax that makes more sense to more members of the community, is less divisive and offers clear costs and benefits for taxpayers and students alike.

Maybe the New York Times freelancer, Gerry Shig, will come back and shed light on this angle of the Measure E battle before the looming June 22 deadline for voting.

If you want to comment on the NYT piece, go to the writer’s blogsite.