Going green with goats

As I wrote in my Life on the Island column a few weeks ago, I am not a fan of leaf blowers: they’re loud, disruptive, and blow teeny-tiny particles of dust all over the place. All the better to trigger the asthma and jangle the nerves! It sounds like Los Angeles is going about some of its business without using polluting, gas-powered engines. They recently hired a herd of goats (with tenders) to clear a vacant lot slated for redevelopment. According to the article, “100 goats turned loose on a downtown L.A. plot,” the goats cost about half what people wielding machines would have. East Bay fire officials have long used goats (and, too, sheep) to clear dry brush that would be a fire hazard, as have many other cities and private companies.


Life on the Island: Leaf blowers, no!

This week’s Life on the Island column is about the noise and particle pollution of leaf blowers. Read it in whole (or, in part, if you prefer) here. [Ed. note: The Alameda Journal blog is officially on vacation until August 20, but you can find the online Alameda Journal here—or read what other bloggers are saying at Alamedans.]

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Where does the green waste go?

green bin_0248

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