Alameda Action at City Hall

Several protestors taking a stand against British Petroluem and speaking out in support of Gulf Coast residents, wildlife and communities turned up at City Hall on June 8, election night for several statewide measures, as well as local and statewide primaries.

Many Alameda and Bay Area residents feel a strong sense of solidarity with the Gulf Coast after recent oil spills in San Francisco Bay hurt wildlife and polluted area beaches, including Alameda’s Crown Beach.

Also, for those residents wondering about Measure E results, you will have to hold on another two weeks. June 22 is the official day when the mail-in ballots for the latest Alameda parcel-tax measure are due, and the election period is officially over.

Between now and then, expect the vocal supporters and opponents of Measure E to be out on the streets (or, at least on the lawns with signs) and all over the Internet with their respective messages.  

(Thanks to James Fryer for the image.)