Sign of the Times — VACANCY

The good news on Bay Farm Island is that La Piñata opened a restaurant at the Harbor Bay Isle shopping center a while back and it’s usually packed. And some time ago, Jim’s Diner opened at the golf course. Those eateries help cushion the blow that residents have faced with the closures of Enrico’s and the Ice Cream Dock.

And that empty Ice Cream Dock storefront begs the question: Will Alameda’s longest-lived, independently owned ice cream shop perhaps open a second store?

Alas, no. Kate Pryor, owner of  Tucker’s Super-Creamed Ice Cream said she is so busy with her Park Street location she wouldn’t have time to give to a second shop. Too bad for Bay Farmers, but true enough. Tucker’s fills up regularly with home-made ice-cream lovers, even late at night.

She made her latest creation in honor of Southwest Airlines. Turns out she and her husband, Dave, didn’t get their peanuts during a flight and mentioned it to the flight attendant during the landing. The attendant gave them an enormous bag of pretzels and honey roasted peanuts and pretzels and mentioned that she lives in Alameda and goes to Tucker’s. So Pryor used the gift to make “Nuts about Southwest”  ice cream.

Anyone else out there who has a gift for making good ice cream and who wants to make a business out of it? There’s a shop waiting for you at Harbor Bay Isle.