When one bridge closes …

It won’t be much longer before the High Street Bridge reopens — the schedule calls for it to be fully operational in early September. Until then, this is what the Fruitvale Bridge looks like around quittin’ time. Imagine what could happen if more than one bridge closes. This time it’s for repair work, but next time it could be because of the economy, with the county uable to fund the around-the-clock bridge tenders. It nearly happened recently, but city officials say the proposal could go back to the table as long as the state keeps dipping into local governments’ funds to pay its deficit.


Remember: High Street Bridge to close until September

It’ll be a time of going from Point A to Point B via a detour during seismic upgrade work on the High Street Bridge from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday (beginning this Wednesday). The work will continue through Sept. 1. Most of us are on automatic pilot when it comes to our routine routes so this will surely cause some turn-arounds until drivers get used to the idea of the closed bridge.

It’ll also add congestion to the other Island exits, so while you’re on the road, breathe deeply, count to 10 and be grateful that these extended bridge closures don’t happen often. As for the residents near the bridge, enjoy the days of decreased traffic noise (assuming the seismic work doesn’t make too much racket).

Seismic work on the Park Street Bridge is nearly completed and required closing only partial closure.